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A Fall Wedding in Cape May

What do you do when you plan a wedding during the pandemic, postpone that wedding, and then have a baby in the process?  You rally the troops and have yourself an epic and romantic do-over!  
Jennifer and Brandon did what most couples had to do during these last couple of years.  And on a warm October day, in the quaint town of Cape May, they were able to finally have their dream wedding. This day couldn't have been more perfect and everything just seemed to come together.  From the wedding venue, the Corinthian Yacht Club of Cape May, to their amazing photographer, Liz Unruh Photography, there was a sort of a relaxed atmosphere. 
As a videographer, I'm used to working with many different personalities and their choice of vendors was on point.  Even after their wedding day, when I began to edit this incredible film, I found myself with an abundance of beautiful and meaningful footage.  It made it difficult at times because I didn't want to leave anything out!   After all of the hard work and replanning, Jennifer and Brandon's day turned out to be absolutely beautiful.  And their natural connection could be seen throughout the wedding video. 


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