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2021 was an overwhelming year since there were so many postponements from the previous year. As a wedding videographer, I was very busy. Even so, I was excited and ready for the challenges ahead. Kaitlyn and Michael were one of those couples that had to postpone because of the pandemic. Their wedding was paused, changed, and finally went through. Within that break, they had a baby boy. So when their day ultimately came, their new addition became a major part of their wedding. In the end, it was worth the wait! It was one of the most romantic and beautiful weddings I have ever witnessed, let alone be a part of. We endured a little rain and trekked through the soaked greens, only to capture these gorgeous moments between Kaitlyn and Michael. These kinds of moments, unrehearsed and authentic make this film what it is. Throughout the day, I kept asking myself, “why doesn’t everyone LOVE like they do?” It is always my mission to create a wedding video that shows the remarkable love of each couple and to also focus on the happiness and joy that everyone is experiencing. With Kaitlyn and Michael, my job was easy. They were simply themselves. The pandemic hit and the original date was moved and then they had a baby. And their wedding day couldn’t have been more perfect.


I can’t say enough to tell you how amazing across the bay was to have for our wedding day. We booked with Ivan back in Jan 2020 for our original date in august 2020. When it wasn’t looking good for us to have the wedding we wanted, Ivan was so responsive and willing to work with us, so We rescheduled for august 2021. When we finally had our day, Ivan and Chris worked to make us feel really special. Ivan had a quick questionnaire and Zoom call to get to know us and our relationship better. The day of our wedding he implemented what he learned about us and he truly captured our relationship. When Ivan posted teasers on Instagram everyone who saw would say how amazing they were and they were less than a minute long! When we booked with Ivan we added on a full length video as well. When he sent us the final film and the edited full length video in less than a month I was shocked. He really created such amazing films that have all the best parts of our day. He’s creative and artistic and romantic and fun. Chris is so sweet and helpful even holding my bouquet and driving the gold cart. These guys are just so awesome and I’ll recommend them to everyone, Maybe I’ll even invite them to future parties to capture more memories!!

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