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Hello Future Brides and Grooms (are the grooms really reading this?!?! Hmmm)

Wedding planning can be stressful and at times overwhelming but it can also be a ton of fun and a chance to really have a day that showcases your love and set the tone for you, your family and friends to celebrate your new life as a twosome! So I thought for the first official Across the Bay blog post I would talk about the things I learned while planning my wedding!

My husband Ivan (the talent behind the lens of Across the Bay Films!) and I got married 2 and half years ago and although it was the most perfect day there were moments during planning that I wanted to throw in the towel and elope! Coordinating all the vendors, picking the dress, deciding on a venue, sending save the dates and invitations, the seating chart, the list goes on and on and all the while trying to stay on budget can be totally daunting, but it shouldn’t be! You should not lose sleep stressing over a day that is for you! So if you are still reading and not drinking wine straight out of the bottle rocking back and forth wondering how you are going to do it all, here are a few tips and insights on wedding planning I learned on my journey to the aisle!

1) Only look at and pin things on Pinterest that are actually doable in your budget or you will go nuts! I had pins with giant arches dripping with fresh beautiful flowers, dresses that had to be custom made in Italy, venues overlooking stunning mountain ranges with the perfect fall foliage rising from every angle! Then I woke up and realized that I am not in fact a billionaire! On the flip side of that coin, I also had so many amazing DIY projects pinned and all these grand plans to DIY all the decorations and small details, that is until I remembered that I hate crafts and I go into a full on sweat just trying to cut in a straight line! So unless you are a mini Martha Stewart or have a bottomless bank account, I would stick to using Pinterest as a guide for your wedding day color palate, hair styles and how to mix and match bridesmaid dresses! It’s a fabulous tool when used right and should not make you feel like your wedding will be less than if you aren’t a Kardashian or DIY queen!

2) Don’t stress over the favors for your guests! This is one that I picked up on from the many weddings I have attended over the years. So while planning my wedding I thought “hmmm I really only remember the favors that were food”. Most guests don’t care or expect anything big and often they end up getting left on the tables! In my experience the best favors are the ones I can eat, so keeping it as simple as a little bag of chocolates at my seat or a cutely wrapped cookie with my name and table number attached are the best kind! Chances are good, those favors will be appreciated and gone before dinner is served!

3) You can’t change or predict the weather so make sure you pick a venue that will make you happy even if you need to go with plan B and move the ceremony or cocktail hour inside. Not freaking out about the weather is easier said than done but there is a 100% chance of an unforgettable day as long as your venue is ready for anything!

4) Pick your Vendors and divvy up your budget based on what is most important to you on your day! If you are a foodie and want your guests to leave stuffed and feeling like they just ate at a 5 star restaurant, then allot a good chunk of the budget for the best caterer in town! If you want everyone on the dance floor all night long you may have to shell out a little more of the budget for a cool band or well-known DJ! If you want to share your day on social media or have a decent amount of out of towners that won’t be able to attend, or if you simply just want to remember every detail, sound and flower petal then make sure you choose a videographer that will be able to make you feel like you are watching a movie starring you and everyone you love! Clearly I think this one is the most important, and I just so happen to know a company that can help you remember all those details for years and years to come…you know I couldn’t leave this without a shameless plug!

5) And last but certainly not least, and maybe the most important tip of all…You cannot please everyone! There will always be someone that has something to say about your menu, or dress or choice of flower but at the end of the day this event is for you and your fiancé and as long as you both are happy that is all that really matters!

Hopefully this little list helped a bit and if it didn’t there is always that bottle (or 2!) of wine! Happy planning and we can’t wait to be a part of your perfectly planned day!

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