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Abbie Holmes Estate Wedding

This Abbie Holmes Estate Wedding couldn’t have been more picturesque. The wedding day, September 09, 2023, was one to remember!  There was a slight breeze and a warm sun.  You could sense the excitement and the anticipation in the air.

Ava and Ryan are one of my most favorite couples I’ve ever worked with.  They went from coworkers, serving customers at Harpoon Henry’s in North Cape May, to instant companions!  

They had a connection like no other and have been in love for over 7 years.

Ryan's First Look at the Abbie Holmes Estate Wedding

First of all, there are little nooks and crannies where couples can have that intimate first-look moment. Ryan and Ava chose to be in front of the main house.

Groom Holding Bride at Abbie Holmes Estate Wedding
courtesy: Taylor Nicolle Photo

Ryan was so nervous and funny leading up to it.  He asked me what he should do and how he should react when he saw her for the first time in her wedding dress. My advice for him was pretty much no advice.  Go with the flow and let those feelings in.  Be in the moment and focus on Ava.  He did just that.

It was such a beautiful moment when he turned around and saw her.  He was all smiles and in awe of her dress and her beauty.  Ryan’s reaction was all his own.  They both laughed and hugged and kissed and it was Perfect.

Live Music at an Abbie Holmes Estate Wedding

Bride singing to Her Groom at their Abbie Holmes Estate Wedding
courtesy: Taylor Nicolle Photo

What was most exciting for them was having a live band playing their favorite songs.  Ava, an incredible singer in her own right, got to get up on stage and sing!  It-Was-Incredible!

She sang a rendition of “The Story” by Brandi Carlisle.  I love live music and to have a band playing at a wedding is so cool.  But to have the bride sing, live, and sound so amazing is breathless

For Ava and Ryan’s wedding, the music chosen was critical to their story.  They had a live rock band so the style and vibe was easy to replicate.  I use Musicbed, a music-licensing platform for filmmakers and creatives.  So finding the right music for their film wasn’t too difficult.  

I also implemented a lot of sound design that included transitions, sound effects and voice overs.

Bride and Groom in Front of Their Abbie Holmes Estate Wedding
courtesy: Taylor Nicolle Photo

So Glad We Met

Ava found me and Across the Bay Films like many others, social media, specifically, Instagram.  Our initial call was amazing!  I felt like I was speaking to old friends, like we’ve known each other for years.  I felt a connection right away and I knew I wanted to work with them.  

They are the only couple that call me “I” instead of my full name, Ivan.  Only my closest friends (from high school) call me by one letter!

From Ava:

Our wedding day was the best day of my life. For anyone contemplating hiring a videographer, do it, and if you can, book Ivan. He artfully captured the essence of us, our relationship, and the entire day. The biggest thank you to our incredible vendors (truly the dream team) who could not have been more loving and gracious with their time and talent, our friends that traveled near and far, and our family who have been there for our entire love story.

Groom Dipping Bride at their Abbie Holmes Estate Wedding
courtesy: Taylor Nicolle Photo

Enjoy our "music video," which we will have forever to look back on the most perfect day.


Creative Team

Cinematographer: Across the Bay Films

Photographer: Taylor Nicolle Photo

Entertainment: Band of Make-Believe

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Abbie Holmes Estate

Catering: Xenia Catering

Cannolli Cart: Carrello di Cannoli



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