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A Micro-wedding in Lewes, Delaware.

Let's begin with this gorgeous town, Lewes, Delaware.  If you're from South Jersey like me, you know to take the Cape May Lewes Ferry into Lewes.  Shops and boutiques line the main road in the center of town and if you're hungry, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants to fill your stomach.  Lewes is a historic town with plenty of charm and character.  Whether you bike to this destination or drive, you are sure to find something to do...or eat.  As for weddings, there are plenty of locations within the city and surrounding areas.
Jennifer and Tyler met in Rehoboth Beach, a beach town that's right next to Lewes.  They met years ago while working at the same restaurant.  Like many brides and grooms, Jennifer and Tyler had to postpone their wedding.  They knew they couldn't have their large festive party they wanted.  Instead they chose a small and intimate celebration of their love.  They expressed that love in a local park in Lewes, DE called Canalfront.  Their reception venue was at the boutique hotel, Hotel Rodney in Historic Downtown.  Friends and family chipped in to make this wedding come true.  And it was perfect.  When a couple is so happy and loving that they can’t help but express it, it makes it all worth it to me, as a videographer. Jennifer and Tyler took that to another level, in a good way! To say that I enjoyed my time with this amazing couple is an understatement! Jennifer and Tyler and their closest family and friends laughed, cried, and loved on that cool September evening.



Across The Bay


Hotel Rodney

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