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A Cape May Micro Wedding at the Beach

Julio and Caskia's fun and romantic micro wedding in Cape May was perfect!
They knew a small wedding was the way to go because of Covid and they pulled it off.  The weather in December felt like Spring and the two expressed their love unapologetically. 

From the moment Caskia walked down the sandy isle, Julio's eyes were fixed on her with anticipation.  They read their own vows, and those in attendance, were visibly moved by their words.  They kept their reception small and intimate and perfect.



Across The Bay

Across the Bay was with us from morning till night, hanging out, working hard, having fun, and doing some of our favorite things with us before our ceremony.
The joy we felt, and the happiness they captured, was so deep and genuine and I could never put into words how it feels to watch videos that bring back all those feelings from that perfect day.
We lucked out with the warm weather and gorgeous sunset to set the background for our ceremony. There were so many little details and big laughs on this day that we will never EVER forget.  Our hearts are incredibly full.          -Caskia and Julio

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