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A NYE Wedding to Remember!

When Gab and Jon first inquired about their date, 12.31.21, I was hesitant at first, since I knew I wouldn't be spending New Year's Eve with my family.  After speaking with the boss (my wife) and getting the OK, I was thrilled to let them know of my availability.  
After our call and getting to know each other, I knew I had to be their wedding videographer.  I could tell how much they loved each other and how ready they were to become a single unit.  Their goal for that night was to enjoy the time with their most favorite people, many of whom they don't often see but love very much.  They new that documenting this into a beautiful story driven, wedding film was key.
They also wanted a wedding video that was true to them and showed who they really are.  It was easy to do that since they were naturally at ease with each other and everyone around them.  You can see how infectious their happiness and love is in their video.  It's pretty amazing.  
From the wedding party to the wedding reception, everyone and everything flowed as it was supposed to. 
The speeches were some of the funniest and heartwarming I've ever heard.  The band was on point and most if not all tables were empty since everyone was on the dance floor!  They rang in the New Year and literally danced the night away.  It was so much fun to see!
Gab and Jon meticulously chose their wedding venue and vendors to fit their needs.  As a wedding videographer, it's my job to witness and create a visual story that lives on past beyond the trends.  Thanks to this amazing couple, who made my job easier by being themselves, I was able to check off all of the boxes necessary for that here.  


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