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No one on this day could hold back the excitement!  Ashleen and Anthony, for obvious reasons, were over the moon!  The day was cloudy and very windy, but that didn't stop anyone from having an amazing time.
Their wedding video starts out fast, with a beat that makes you want to dance.  It then slows down to the emotional factor of the day.  And then it takes you on an incredible rollercoaster that you don't want to end. 
As a wedding videographer, I want to showcase those peaks and valleys of the day.  I want to build the story to an incredible crescendo of joy and love! 
Luckily, I had a couple that expressed their love flawlessly and without reservation.  I mean, how often do you truly see a couple express their love so naturally?  ForAshleen and Anthony, making the declaration of love was like any other day, except for the fact that there were about 200 of their closest friends and family present!


My husband and I hired Across the Bay Films for our October 2021 wedding and we cannot express how thrilled we were with everything! Upon booking, we had a FaceTime call to meet Ivan and for him to explain everything included in different packages. He was the only vendor that did this and it made us feel so much more at ease and excited. We had our original videographer cancel on us and as soon as we found Ivan and had this phone call with him we could tell we were in good hands. Also, now seeing the outcome, we feel as though it was a blessing in disguise! Closer to the wedding, we had another call with him to explain our tastes and specifics we were looking for. Ivan picked up on the smallest details from our phone calls and wedding and made sure each of those things each had a spot in our video. We asked for a "big open" beginning - we got a "big-open" beginning. We told him we liked bourbon and rock music - two songs in the video included payed tribute to those things. We didn't even realize how detailed it all would be until we saw the finished product. The day following our wedding, we received a minute long "teaser". A month following, we received our 8 minute video. A few months later, we received our raw footage. Everything that was promised to us we received in a timely fashion and WOW were we blown away! Our whole wedding day, Ivan was by our side, but easily blended in. We felt very comfortable with him and his crew and they directed us in very natural ways. We could feel that they were just as excited as we were. Our wedding day was at a venue on the beach during hurricane speed winds and Ivan kept us motivated and cheered us on, reassuring us that everything was going to look amazing and it definitely did! I would 100% recommend Across the Bay Films to anyone in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area (or anywhere he's willing to travel to) if you are looking for one! We have received so many complements on our video. We may be a little biased, but we think our video is his best work! 😉 Thank you Ivan!!!
-Ashleen & Anthony

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