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A Cape May Wedding part Deux.

The thought of posting this film made me happy. Happy because Morgan and Kyle were two of the sweetest and kindest people we ever met.  Happy because I was able to witness firsthand, that raw and real joy that permeated throughout the cast of characters present. 
You could easily see and feel the love that everyone had for them.  And even though this was technically their second wedding due to the pandemic, it was the first with all of their loved ones together.  Everyone and everything flowed seamlessly and the day couldn’t have been more perfect.  
Their chosen venue for their wedding, The Corinthian Yacht Club in Cape May, with its outdoor tented area, was absolutely beautiful.  All of the wedding vendors involved helped create a magical day filled with joy.


We are OBSESSED!!!  It's so good.  We truly can't thank you enough for capturing all of these special moments!!  FIVE STARS!And the way you incorporated all of the special natural environment additions (horseshoe crabs and surfers for the win) made it even more unique.We can't say how much we love it enough! -Morgan & Kyle

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