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A Romantic Wedding at Baywood Greens 

Katie and Mark were looking for a videographer that works without a script.  Luckily I fit that bill and was able to work with them and create a beautiful wedding video.  I was blown away by Katie and Mark’s heartfelt vows. Deciding to read them to each other during the first look was a perfect idea. They took their time with each other and really focused on the moment.
Their wedding venue was out of some magical storybook too. I’ve never been to a country club that didn’t look or feel like a country club. Baywood Greens in Delaware is absolutely stunning. And the staff was on point!
And I can’t help but give so much credit to Katie’s bridesmaid, another Katie, for playing two roles on that day. She managed to be part of the wedding party and be their photographer simultaneously. She’s amazing!
All in all, it was a wonderful celebration of two people that met by chance (fate) and continue to challenge each other in life, love, and minigolf.


From our first meeting with Ivan, my husband and I knew we had found the right person to capture our wedding. We instantly felt a connection and liked him and due to COVID, we had only met by phone! We had already fallen in love with his artistry by watching his videos of other couples, but then his personality completely won us over. He was great at explaining the different packages he has and helped us to find the right fit for us. We met with Ivan over the phone twice before meeting him in person the day of the wedding, but he is so personable, professional, sweet and kind, and charming that between the phone calls and emails I felt like he was an old friend that I spent much more time with! He already had a working relationship with our photographer (Katie Dalrymple of KD Photography) and two of them just jived all day long. We always felt natural and able to be ourselves throughout the whole day. I've watched other videographers' videos and I can always pick out the scripted forced movements. The video itself is magical. I smile every time I watch it!! It allows me to relive the day and also see moments I might have missed. They captured not only us, but all our family and friends perfectly.  I highly recommend Ivan to capture your special moments. The quality of his work along with his down to earth professionalism is exactly what you want for moments you want to remember for forever. I cannot thank him enough for capturing ours!


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