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Atlantic City Country Club. A historic wedding venue with class and elegance.

Planning a wedding in New Jersey?  The Atlantic City Country Club is one of the most sought out wedding venues in New Jersey.  

This venue is a wedding videographer's dream.  Atlantic City Country Club has all of the details needed to create an incredible wedding film for a couple.  The wall to the right of the venue, full of dark green vines, makes for stunning pictures and intimate moments.  

When you walk into the men's locker room, you will be greeted by historic names above each locker.  From the "Boardwalk Empire" era to today, many known figures are etched into these golden plaques. The venue itself is large but not overwhelming.  There's plenty of room to dance and socialize with family and friends.  And for videographers and photographers, plenty of areas to tantalize their creativity.  A wedding at this venue is nothing short of amazing and memorable.

The staff at the Atlantic City Country Club make sure that all the details for a wedding are taken care of and that each couple is satisfied with the results.  

As a wedding videographer, I enjoy working at this incredible and historic wedding venue because I know that it only adds to the magic of a couple's wedding day.

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