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Breathtaking and exciting wedding at the Atlantic City Country Club

From beginning to end, Kelly and Nick filled their wedding day with laughter and love.  And having their reception at the historic Atlantic City Country Club, where the term "birdie" was coined, was pretty amazing.  

Kelly wore a gorgeous boho-style wedding dress and Nick a perfectly fit grey suit.  They had a Catholic ceremony in Ventnor, NJ.  As their videographer, it was really special witnessing all of their family and friends in a room celebrating Kelly and Nick's love. 


Across The Bay

"Across the Bay captured our day perfectly! I watched all of their videos leading up to our big day and I was so excited for what they would do for us. They did not disappoint! I loved the direction they gave my husband and I and how they really helped us to relax and get some great shots. They have such a great eye for some artsy shots and put it together in such a unique way. There were so many little things going through my mind on my wedding day it was so great to have these videos to look back on - the father/daughter dance, the dance floor, getting ready... they put it together flawlessly. Across the Bay is the best!"          -Kelly and Nick

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