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AC Country Club. A historic wedding venue located minutes from Atlantic City.

Planning a wedding in New Jersey?  The Atlantic City Country Club is one of the most sought out wedding venues in New Jersey.  

Atlantic City Country Club, located in Northfield, NJ, is one of the most sought-after wedding venues in South Jersey.  With its historic tale of the term "birdie", to its elegant wedding hall, this country club is unmatched.  Play a round of golf, enjoy a chef-prepared meal, or have a cocktail by the green at this historic venue.

As a wedding venue, Atlantic City Country Club has exactly what videographers and photographers look for.  A touch of elegance, rustic and aged interior, and a wall of vines that adds to its allure.  Oh and the men's locker room is pretty incredible as well.  Mobster names of yesteryear and famous movie stars on plaques decorate each locker.  

As a wedding videographer, I would highly recommend this venue, for its attention to detail, its history, and the top-notch service everyone receives. 

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