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who we are.

We are a wedding videography company that creates purposeful and authentic films.  Our style encompasses the whirlwind of emotions that happen on the wedding day with an artistic touch.
We're based in Cape May, NJ but travel worldwide.

some of our favorites.

Hannah // Jake
Alexis // Adrian
Reney // Nick
Jennifer // Brandon
Kaitlyn // Michael
Gab // Jon
Rachel // Jordan
Kim // Josh
Kim and Josh.jpg

Karly L.

I searched high and low for a videographer that wasn't cookie cutter and one who possessed a unique bespoke style to be able to capture the true essence of our love on our day. Thank God for Across the Bay. Ivan was an absolute angel to work with and I trusted him throughout the whole process. Nothing but professionalism and poise. The video is what I cared about most and he over delivered. He really puts his heart and soul into his work and you can see his excitement! I told him that he has a very special gift to be able to sift through all of the typical wedding day fluff and find the moments where a couple is truly being themselves and capture their exact identity. He did an amazing job on our romantic, surfer black tie wedding video. Truly an artist.

Breanne K.

Ivan is hands down the first choice you should make after saying "yes". I cannot begin to say enough great things about him, from his professionalism, fun personality, and most importantly amazing quality videography choosing him is a must. Across the Bay Films was everything we could have asked for on our wedding day, the video Ivan made for us captured our personalities in the perfect light and made sure every important person was highlighted. If you are looking for a videographer look no further!

Julianna R.

My husband and I immediately fell in love with the style and creativity Across the Bay Films displayed throughout their films. Their videos capture the fun couples have on their wedding day and focus in on the most intimate and raw moments.  Words can’t even express how much we love our video. All of the little quirks, intimacy, funny moments, & fun were present throughout the film.  The authenticity of the happiness by everyone surrounding us was truly displayed.  I’ll continue to smile and appreciate every second of the time dedicated to create such an amazing piece of art. 

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